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Some frequently asked questions

Driver licenses

If you have a driving license issued in the European Union, you can use it until your expiration date. Once your permit has expired, you can apply for a Spanish driver’s license without having to re-examine yourself. The procedure is easy and you can do it in any office of the Traffic Department.
You can also buy a vehicle in Spain with only your NIE and your driving license or you can import your own vehicle by registering it with the local authorities to obtain a license plate.

Electricity and Water

In Spain you will find an excellent water and electricity supply infrastructure. You will receive your invoice every month, and they can be paid directly from your bank account. As a note, in Spain the Bin Collection tax is included in your water bills.

Television and Satellite

With Digital Terrestrial Television has more than 40 channels with movies, series and documentaries that are broadcast with bilingual signal. It also has the possibility of contracting cable television, there is a wide range of services on the market that also offer internet with television.
Another alternative is to hire a satellite service or micro-antenna with more than 1000 free channels including the British, Benelux and Scandinavian channels.


We recommend that before traveling to Spain you should contact your veterinarian and bring your pet with the vaccines and tested in order. Your pet must have the location microchip implanted, must be vaccinated against rabies and Leishmania and a blood test is required.
In addition, your passport is required to travel within the EU and your trusted veterinarian can facilitate and process this document.

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