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Spain. A lovely place.

Natural spaces and cultural heritage

Spain is known for the high tourism it receives, especially during its glorious summer months.
But not only is Spain known for its beaches, but also for its healthy lifestyle. Spain is booming and increasingly attracts more and more visitors.
Spain has 40 natural areas declared as Biosphere reserves by UNESCO, found throughout the peninsula. Out of all, Andalusia has 8 and Castilla y León with 6, so they are stunningly beautiful lands to make a healthy and quality tourist trap.
As well as all that the rural tourism is booming, the fact being that weekend trips to rural destinations is increasing month by month, both in international and national tourism. More and more Spaniards decide to move away from the city and enjoy the quality and healthy tourism provided by these unique destinations in the world, such as the Picos de Europa, one of our national treasures.
Spain, with those 40 natural spaces, has become the second country with the most places declared World Heritage by UNESCO, second only to Italy.

Citizen security

Spain is pretty much the safest country in the European Union, only Switzerland is ahead it.
The latest reports from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) claim that 75% of the Spanish population feels safe walking alone at night, compared to an average of 69% among the rest of the countries. This is due, in part, to the fact that the homicide rate in Spain is only 0.7%, compared to an average of 4.1% established by this same agency, per 100,000 inhabitants.
The National Centre for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures estimates that Spain has 500 police officers per 100,000 inhabitants, generating one of the highest coverages in Europe.
In general, the group of tourist organizations affirm that the high security of Spain is one of the key factors that make it a tourist reference for foreign visitors. Spain is a peaceful country.

The Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca covers the stretch of the Mediterranean coastline corresponding to the province of Alicante and is a good example of what is known as the Mediterranean landscape.
The traveler can choose any of the corners of this coast, from the most bustling and cosmopolitan to those who stay, very close to the sea, its rural air. In any case, it is worth taking the tour of the neighboring regions, which, taken as a whole, constitute a good sample of what is normally known as the Mediterranean landscape. From the valleys, which keep in their stepped orchards the living memory of their Moorish past, to the palm groves, the horizons of the Costa Blanca bring together very diverse attractions. The climate is the jewel in the crown. With generally extremely mild temperatures – the annual average is somewhat higher than 18ºC – hardly any rains, in the mountains of the northern sector the rainfall is, logically, superior to the one registered by the lowlands that surround Elche and Orihuela . The almond groves, the vineyards, the fruit orchards and the magnificent palm groves make up a unique vegetation in Europe.
The Costa Blanca has great connections with the Balearic Islands and the main cities of Spain such as Madrid and Barcelona.
If you would love to visit the island of Menorca, Mallorca, Ibiza or Formentera, you will find the Balearia Ferry in the Port of Denia, just 30 minutes by car from your home.
The AVE high speed train connections to the main cities can take you to Madrid, for example, in just 2 hours. And if you prefer to travel by plane you can travel as Alicante-Madrid or Alicante-Barcelona in just 1h of plane.


Get to know the natural spaces of Spain with its endless landscapes of nature, protecting its agriculture and wildlife. In particular, we implore you to discover those accredited with the European Charter of Sustainable Tourism (CETS) covered by the European Commission. These are natural areas where you will find several companies that develop tourist activities committed to protecting the environment.
You will enjoy some of the most valuable natural areas in Europe for its beautiful natural heritage (among which are National Parks and Biosphere Reserves) and you will make the most of your visit while preserving the ecological and scenic values ​​of each destination. Check here the services offered by each space (visitor centres, trails, guided tours, accommodations, etc.) and get ready to enjoy nature as never before.
Do you travel with children? You have amusement parks full of adventures for them. Do you love music? In the summer calendar you will find international festivals of all kinds. Are you a nature lover? Spain is the third country in the world with more spaces declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Do you prefer the night? There are macro discos where you can dance until dawn.

Customs and traditions

The main ingredients of the lifestyle of the Costa Blanca is the scrumptious Mediterranean cuisine, the friendliness of its people and the excellent climate throughout the year that offers an average temperature of 18º C. Outdoor markets are typical of this area. There are 260 spread throughout the province and are of very different types: crafts, medieval, antiques, homegrown food markets, ecomercadillos, etc.

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