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Beren Selective Homes offers its own seal of quality

Providing total QUALITY Villas we offer a fine balance between materials, experienced labor, design, location and sale price, all with the second to none service and responsibility of an highly experienced company.
In all our Villas every detail has been taken care of, from the process of creating the project, its construction and even up to the delivery of the keys.
Beren Selective Homes has always wanted to transmit transparency in each step of the construction giving the home owner access and trust through every stage of the sale processes, as well as the quality of the materials used, offering nothing but the best to our customers.

Involvement and closeness with our customers

Beren Selective Homes is built upon a multi-skilled team, united by values ​​of excellence in the service to our clients. Our extensive knowledge in construction allows us to be present in all stages of planning and execution of the project, helping us to express in our villas all our love and passion for the design of spaces for your comfort. These such complete services would be hard to find elsewhere.
Our extensive knowledge of the service industry of the area, allows us to offer you, also as an added value, the recommendation of the best professionals to provide you with the following services in case you would like to hire them:


Legal and legal: Professionals who dominate all areas of current legislation, offering legal and legal advice that guarantees all our clients the best counsel in the exercising of their rights.
Fiscal and financial: The best advisors providing you everything you need to formalize all your tax obligations in the most efficient way, as well as manage your taxes so that you comply with your legal obligations. So you are not caught by surprise.
Leisure: Given the incredibly privileged location of our villas, between sea and mountains, we are pleased to offer you a view into the numerous leisure offers in the area.
Health: We know the best private health centres in the area, and this allows us to offer recommendations according to the nature of your needs. This is vital when moving to a new country.



Furniture: Everyone wants to live in a house with design and the latest amenities. At Beren Selective Homes we will help you design your dream home to your tastes.
Air conditioning: A settled home needs an air conditioning system that will make your stay more comfortable during those hot summer seasons.
Appliances: We know the best brands and suppliers, where you will find the most suitable appliances for your new home. Brands that guarantee quality and efficiency.
Security: We work with a variety of additional security systems providers for your peace of mind. Lattices and alarm systems…
Cable or satellite television: We offer you a range of entertainment systems, from the best satellite and cable TV providers.
Textiles: Let us create a cozy, warm atmosphere with the choice of textiles, curtains, carpets, sheets, duvet covers… so you really feel at home.
Lighting: The lighting of your home is very important when it comes to “creating atmosphere”. Our commitment is to help you choose the best advisor according to your tastes.



Gardens: Enjoy your outdoor life in Spain with a garden and a well decorated terrace, with Mediterranean plants, garden furniture, barbecue, pergolas…
Kitchens: We equip your kitchen with great detail. Choose color, style, material and appliances. We will take care of the rest. We will design it together with you with plans and virtual images in 3D.
Interior design: We will get you 100% customized designs and 100% ready for you to enjoy your home. Settle into to your home with an interior design project tailored specifically for your home.



Maintenance: Repairs, annual cleaning and much more. Just ask, we recommend the best specialists for everything you need to do for your home, at the best price.
Pool and garden care: We work with leading companies in maintenance of swimming pool and garden.
Rental plan: Management of the rental of your home or investment, making sure your home is ready to rent and coordinate all steps with a trusted professional agent. You only see the profits. The rest is up to us..

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